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MassMax is the supreme anabolic support supplement specifically formulated to help athletes (both natural and enhanced) train harder, recover faster, build more muscle & strength, and reach their genetic potential.

Our cutting-edge “secret sauce” begins with a strong 350mg dose of Rhaponticum Carthamoides, which supplies a diverse and powerful class of natural anabolic agents. To improve nutrient uptake and potency, we’ve added sodium caprate -- a novel absorption enhancer that works by increasing the opening of cellular tight junctions.

MassMax also includes a potent duo of Androgenic Fatty Acid Esters in our combinations of Methyl-O-Mass & Methyl-P-Mass. These fatty acids are derived from honeybee drone milk and noted to possess powerful anabolic effects. We’ve complexed these fatty acids with beta-cyclodextrin to improve gastric transit, guard against premature breakdown, and support greater efficacy.

Muscle growth is all about promoting an anabolic environment whereby protein synthesis outpaces protein breakdown yielding a net positive protein balance. However, the body has several mechanisms which limit natural muscle growth. One such example is a protein called myostatin, which stunts muscle growth. MassMax includes epicatechin and EGCG which have been found to inhibit myostatin, stimulate AKT phosphorylation, and support nitric oxide production.

The final matrix of anabolic accelerators in MassMax is centered around Atractylodes Lancea Rhizome Extract -- a plant long used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to stimulate appetite, improve gastric emptying and aid intestinal motility. This novel extract is included to help individuals get in the high amounts of calories needed to maximize muscle and strength gain while also promoting better absorption of the food and supplements consumed.

MassMax offers an unparalleled option for individuals tired of seeing a lack of results from their efforts in the gym and in the kitchen. We’ve invested countless hours of research, development and product testing to create a natural anabolic support agent to help you achieve maximum results!

  • EXCITING CUTTING-EDGE FORMULA: Our Natural Anabolic & Androgenic Complex contains the best drivers for muscle growth and compounds to improve digestion, absorption and bioavailability.
  • 350mg Rhaponticum Carthamoides Extract, 250mg Epicatechin, 250mg Methyl-O/P and more to help Increase Muscle Mass, Improve Nitrogen Retention, Increase Protein Synthesis & Appetite plus acts as a Myostatin Inhibitor.
  • ANABOLIC MAXIMIZATION: Hormones like Testosterone and other anabolic hormones are very important to regulate muscle growth and MassMax is designed to help support them naturally.
  • MADE IN THE USA – Performax Labs products are proudly made in the USA in cGMP manufacturing facilities with only high quality, tested and safe ingredients that you can use with confidence.