About Us

N101 is located in Hollywood, California, and was established in 2002.

Our name, N101, is short for 'Nutrition 101', and was inspired by the naming convention used for college courses. Education is a key component in the training of all N101 staff. In fact, employees are required to attend weekly training, so they keep informed about the latest products and continually improve their knowledge of nutritional supplements.

N101 provides a vast selection of vitamins, herbs, sports nutrition, health supplements, and natural skincare products. We cater to athletes, weekend warriors, health nuts, and everyone who is interested in leading a healthy lifestyle. We provide huge, everyday savings on thousands of products. We only stock quality brands and we hunt down more unique, up-and-coming products too. We sort through all the hoopla to offer you the best products for less. We are here to answer questions and help you find the right nutritional products for your needs.