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Neem is traditionally known as the Village Dispensary for its wide range of health benefits from the inside out. This versatile herb is used to help soothe the skin and support overall immune health. Research has also identified Neem’s antioxidant characteristics and in Ayurveda the herb is used to balance pitta and kapha doshas. ORGANIC INDIA Neem supplements are conveniently in vegan capsule form and make an easy addition to any mind, body and spirit wellness routine.

  • Immunity. Neem is an immunomodulator that supports healthy immune system function.
  • Detoxification. A bitter herb that contains antioxidants to help cleanse the blood and detoxify the organs.
  • Cooling. Neem leaves also have a cooling effect on the body, which supports a healthy inflammatory response.
  • Beauty Care. Used for centuries in India for healthy nails, skin, hair and oral hygiene.