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Nicknamed the “Herb of Longevity,” Gotu Kola is an adaptogenic herb traditionally used to support mood, memory, and cognitive function. ORGANIC INDIA uses the whole gotu kola plant to capture these benefits while regulating energy levels, alleviating fatigue and mediating healthy nerve cell growth. This natural, organic brain health supplement comes in a vegan capsule for easy, convenient use.

  • Brain Support. Gotu Kola has been used for centuries as a tonic for overall brain and nervous system support.
  • Clean Energy. Gotu kola is found to encourage healthy energy levels by regulating blood flow.
  • Balance. Used in Ayurvedic systems to promote the balance of all three doshas— Kapha, Pitta, and Vata.
  • Stress-Relieving. The Gotu Kola herb has long been prized by students and yogis for its calming support of the nervous system.