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CoQ-10 is an antioxidant that plays many roles contributing to human health. Coenzyme Q10, often simply called CoQ-10, has shown a myriad of benefits to human health ranging from cardiovascular support to immune and liver health.* Our CoQ-10 softgels contain only the highest quality CoQ-10 naturally derived form a fermentation process as opposed to a synthetic form.

CoQ-10 is a crucial compound needed by the mitochondria of every cell to produce energy for the cell, and is especially important to heart, liver and kidney tissue. These organs are known to have high concentrations of mitochondria. CoQ-10 is critical to the function of heart, liver and kidneys where it supports cell membrane stabilization and acts as an antioxidant, in addition to energy production.*

Our Pre-Emulsified Liposomal (PEL) delivery system form of fermented CoQ-10 improves the absorption of the critical compound. CoQ-10 is a fat soluble compound that can have poor absorption when taken in powder form. Evidence has shown that pre-emulsified CoQ-10 delivery forms show increased absorption over powdered forms.