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Irwin Naturals Type I, II & III Collagen Peptides + Astaxanthin

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Formulated to enhance your “Beauty from Within,” this product provides 3 support systems to boost the health and appearance of your skin.*

SYSTEM 1: Beauty Building Blocks
  • Collagen Peptides - Type I, II, and III hydrolyzed collagen peptides support the regular maintenance of the skin’s collagen framework.*
  • BIOFAC Caviar Collagen TM - delivering plumping proteoglycans and type II collagen, preliminary research suggests that daily consumption of proteoglycan can improve skin looseness, hydration, and texture.*

SYSTEM 2: Pro-Dermal Activation
  • ACTIValoe® Aloe Vera Extract - preliminary research demonstrates that oral consumption of Aloe Vera Gel increases endogenous production of Type I collagen in the dermal layers of the skin.*
  • Vitamin C, Zinc and Selenium are important cofactors in collagen biosynthetic pathways.*

SYSTEM 3: Antioxidant Protection
  • Astaxanthin - possesses strong antioxidant activity of up to 6,000X that of Vitamin C and may be effective at improving skin health and appearance by reducing fine lines and wrinkles and improving skin elasticity.*
  • Reduced L-Glutathione and Vitamin A are potent antioxidant compounds that may help to protect the health of your skin.*