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The science has proven that elevated cortisol levels cause stress on your adrenal system causing fatigue, rapid weight gain, stress and exhaustion. This is why The Guerrilla Chemist formulated his newest, highly potent product, Cortibloc™.

Cortibloc™ is a premium cortisol manager, blocker and fat burner with proven metabolism boosting support. This product not only helps reduce cortisol levels but aids in relieving stress that makes you body want to retain unwanted fat. Cortibloc™ contains ultra potent adaptogens allowing your body to become more resistant to stress inducing forces.

Training hard is a key component in building a dense muscular physique but when the body encounters stress or does not get adequate rest the central nervous system (CNS) becomes fatigued. Over time your body will respond to stress and lack of rest by creating fat deposits in response to your hormones being under stress.

Cortibloc™ not only helps keep your cortisol levels down but it also helps burn unwanted fat and boosts your metabolism to new levels. Take on your stress with Cortibloc™ available now from Chemix!

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Bryan C.
United States United States

Didn’t work for me

Gave me terrible headaches and made me extremely nauseous. Had to stop taking it.

nick c.
United States United States


Very good. Felt stable and steady in stressful situations.

Michael S.
United States United States

Actually works.

I got blood work done while using this product and my cortisol dropped significantly to a healthy level only using 2x a day! Highly reccomend, and always get bloodwork!

Tammy D.
United States United States

Love this stuff

I’ve used cortiblock on and off for couple of years now and I love it. Helps with my stress level and keeps me going to the bathroom regularly. I highly recommend it!

Cassy H.
United States United States

My Thoughts on Chemix Cortibloc

My trainer recommended this .. I’m only on my second week.. to start I wished there’d have been some type of pamphlet telling me what to expect as far as like what will happen to you once you start taking it lol needless to say at first once it started getting in my system I made sure to be around a bathroom .. the stomach cramps were like contractions at times (ive had 2 kids trust me I know) lol .. to be honest I’ll just say I did not realize just how much crap the human body could hold .. but I do now lol .. didn’t think I would ever stop .. now in to my 2nd week the cramping isn’t near as bad .. I was taking one mid afternoon and one before bed .. I can only take one before bed now on days I work bc getting to a bathroom isn’t always the easiest at my job lol .. I have noticed my stress levels are starting to decrease and I don’t feel as hungry I’m just waiting and hoping the sleeping better will start .. so despite the rough start .. I can say so far so good �