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  • Improve memory†
  • Enhance mental clarity under stressful situations†
  • Accelerate brain responsiveness and reactivity†

Get Laser-Focused And Hyper-Productive:
Infinite Brain is a nootropic that improves cognitive function, brain reactivity, mood, and overall feelings of well-being. Nootropics are dietary supplements that support brain functions, including memory, concentration, and mental acceleration.

A single scoop of Infinite Brain contains higher quantities of the most science-backed nootropic ingredients than 4-10 capsules of even the closest competitors, all in one mouthwatering drink mix for your pleasure.

One 8.5g scoop is all it takes to achieve a focused, feel-good mindset.

Contains mild stimulants good for any activity from gaming to training. Also may combine with Edge Pump for ”smart pumps” pre-workout.