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The liver detoxifies, metabolizes fats, produces hormones, proteins and bile, converts glycogen to sugar among other activities. Proper function of the liver allows the rest of the body’s detoxification system to function more efficiently to facilitate the elimination of metabolic waste and stored toxins. Body fat is the secondary storage site of toxins. Ideal for fasting and cleansing and for those exposed to environmental toxins.

LIVER WELLNESS provides essential nutrients in meaningful amounts that support the liver’s health so that it can fulfill its many roles.
Lecithin – to emulsify fats.
Threonine/Choline/Inositol – ‘lipotropics’ that help the body to burn fats.
Methionine – modify toxins to help lower their toxicity.
Dandelion Root – traditional detoxifying herb.
Milk Thistle – liver tissue stimulation.
Pantothenic Acid – to help metabolize fats and proteins.
Thiamin – co-enzyme for carbohydrate metabolism.
Niacin – co-enzyme for cholesterol metabolism