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In this increasingly fast-paced world, the time-saving convenience of a two-in-one single capsule that can help burn an extra 97 calories per day and includes both testosterone therapy and thermogenesis — truly is “FIRE”. GAT Sport TESTROL FIRE is an innovative two-part, comprehensive male-enhancing thermogenic formula. Designed to help support free & total testosterone, it can help restore youthful vitality while improving muscle growth, strength, stamina, energy and performance.

  • Enhanced Metabolic Rate
  • Supports Libido & Sexual Function
  • Improved Body Composition & Performance


Fenugreek Extract
Helps to improve upper and lower body strength, lean body mass, and body fat reduction, thus enhancing overall body composition.

Longjack Extract
An herbal also known as Tongkat Ali, is suggested to improve low testosterone, male fertility, muscle mass, athletic performance, and anxiety.

Tribulus Terrestris
A thermogenic that helps to lower body fat while increasing body composition and muscle.

Black Pepper Fruit Extract
Helps reduce body weight, fat mass, and cholesterol level. It can also stop the formation of fat, improve metabolism, and promote better performance.


Take the guesswork out of ridding stubborn body fat while gaining back a youthful sexual vigor with optimal free and total testosterone production. This innovative two-part, male-enhancing thermogenic formula is comprehensive and potent! GAT Sport TESTROL FIRE can both torch and define your abs with thermogenic fat-burning intensity, and work on raising testosterone (“test”) levels that might’ve been flagging over time, all on your own schedule.


Adult Men: Take 2 (two) capsules every day on a light to empty stomach.

Cycle 8 weeks on and 2 weeks off (complete 2 bottles).