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Those who wear the crown rule the land. With 650mg of stimulants, you can unleash your reign on the weights and amplify your training intensity and performance. The inclusion of highly potent patented ingredients in Nitraflex Kaos is only recommended for the worthy, as they support heightened cognition and mental focus, promote insane increases in strength, cause mind-blowing muscle pumps, and aid in rapid hydration. You hold the power… What you do with it is up to you.

  • Maximize Mental & Physical Performance
  • Loaded with 25+ Patented & Premium Ingredients
  • Amplify Brain Gainz, Strength, Pumps, & Hydration


NO3-T® Citrulline Nitrate
A cutting-edge, science-backed, performance-enhancing compound seamlessly blending Citrulline and Nitrate to deliver a potent synergy, promoting nitric oxide production for improved pumps, endurance, and overall athletic performance.

NO3-T® Beta-Alanine Nitrate
Combining the endurance-boosting benefits of Beta-Alanine with the vasodilation effects of Nitrate, this powerful patented ingredient synergistically enhances athletic performance and supports peak physical output.

A revolutionary electrolyte blend meticulously crafted to optimize hydration levels and replenish essential minerals that are lost through sweat during training sessions, which also ensures and supports peak performance during intense physical activities.

DopaPhen is a breakthrough combination of key ingredients found in Nitraflex Kaos that harness the power to elevate mental performance and enhance neurotransmitter balance to support mood, focus, and cognitive function.

This fast-acting, natural neuromodulator can enhance mental alertness and energy production, ultimately unleashing sustained focus and heightened cognitive clarity for elevated mental and physical performance.

The power behind this extended-release technology ensures a controlled and prolonged release of caffeine in Nitraflex Kaos for sustained energy and performance support without the jitters or crashes that can accompany high-dose stimulants.


The new king of the pre-workout world has been crowned, and everyone is running to experience what now sits on the throne. Utilizing the highest quality, patented, and extremely potent ingredients, not even royalty dare go beyond two scoops. With the ability to get you mentally dialed in for the most grueling training session, maximize muscle strength, attain unbelievable muscle pumps, and support hydration, Nitraflex Kaos is the only pre-workout worthy of entering your kingdom.