Enzymedica Heartburn Soothe Shots

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  • Soothes occasional heartburn*
  • Protects the digestive tract*
  • Helps rebuild the stomach lining*
  • Pleasant vanilla-orange flavor in a liquid shot
  • Day or night results

The 3-in-1 formula that soothes occasional heartburn by forming a barrier and buffer for gastric acid, our convenient liquid Heartburn Soothe™ shots protect the digestive tract and help rebuild the stomach lining. * With alginate, prickly pear extract and buffering extracts, Heartburn Soothe‡* is the result of detailed scientific study with the world-renowned Roskamp Institute.*

A “life raft” for occasional heartburn*

Found in brown algae, alginate possesses a viscous gel texture that quickly absorbs 200-300 times its weight in water. In the stomach, it forms a “raft” that floats on the stomach’s acid pocket.* That keeps the acid from entering the esophagus, soothing the sensation of occasional heartburn while also giving the esophageal tissue an opportunity to rebuild itself.*

Boost the benefits of alginate*

The buffering agents calcium carbonate and trimethylglycine, plus prickly pear cactus extract, form a barrier and buffer for gastric acid while soothing the GI tract lining.* Multiple clinical trials have shown a natural approach to occasional heartburn can be safe and efficacious.*