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  • Juicy Pumps
  • Maximum Performance
  • Sustained Energy
  • Laser-Sharp Focus

INTAKE is a comprehensive pre-workout formulated to deliver endless energy, insane pumps, laser-sharp focus, and maximum performance! INTAKE features 8 grams of l-citrulline, 3.2 grams beta-alanine, 2.5 grams betaine anhydrous, and 300 milligrams of caffeine from caffeine anhydrous and Zumxr® extended-release caffeine.

Not to mention, INTAKE is loaded with cutting-edge trademarked ingredients, such as Senactv®, Elevatp®, and cdp-choline. One scoop will get you going, but two scoops will leave you feeling out of this world! Whether you're a meathead, gym bro, powerlifter, or just a hard-working mf'er, INTAKE is ready to fine tune your engine.

  • As a dietary supplement, mix 1-2 scoops with 10-12 ounces of cold water. Vary the amount of liquid to suit your taste preference. New users should start with 1 scoop to assess tolerance.
  • For optimal results, consume 20-30 minutes before training.
  • Do not take INTAKE with any other products that contain stimulants. Do not take within 5-6 hours prior to sleep.