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Animal Cuts, the professional "cutting" supplement is not available in an ephedra-free formula, Animal Cuts Free. Like Regular Animal Cuts, Animal Cuts Free is a complete and comprehensive cutting product. Listen, regular "diet" products target energy expenditure only. These conventional fat burners, or "thermogenics", work by raising the body's metabolism which increase total energy expenditure. For many this is simply not enough. Many athletes have other pre-exisiting conditions which make it difficult if not impossible, to get "cut":
  1. Insulin resistance
  2. Nucleotide deficiencies
  3. Neurotransmitter imbalance
  4. Underactive thyroids
These biochemical issues can impact your cut by increasing sugar cravings, slowing down your metabolism, and even making it difficult to release stored body fat for burning. As a cutting supplement, only Animal Cuts contains thermogenics, plus the other necessary components required to support maximum fat burning.

Getting competition-ready is not just about the fat. it's also about the water. Those deep etched striations come down to shedding both subcutaneous fat and subcutaneous water. No matter how low your body fat levels fall, excess water beneath the skin can make you look soft and puffy. Only Animal Cuts contains dedicated ingredients for fat oxidation and diuresis. Best of all, Animal Cuts' formula allows you to strip away the fat and water while helping to preserve lean mass. Other fat burners target overall "weight" loss. You lose both fat and lean mass. With Animal Cuts, Bodybuilders get a complete cutting supplement without losing any valuable lean mass.