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60 vcaps - 150 mg

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Solgar proudly introduces L-Theanine Vegetable Capsules. Each capsule offers 150 mg of L-theanine (100% pure Suntheanine®) for relaxation and mood support.

L-theanine, also known as gamma-glutamylethylamide, is a non-essential amino acid commonly found in green tea. The mechanisms for L-theanine's effects are believed to relate to reducing glutamate reuptake by interacting with the glutamate transporter, increasing GABA concentrations, supporting dopamine release, and also providing neuroprotective benefits.<

L-theanine plays a key role in mood support by helping to improve GABA (gamma-aminobutyrate) levels in the brain. GABA, an amino acid, functions in the body as an inhibitory neurotransmitter and its natural release in the body can help lead to relaxation. Research indicates that body levels of GABA may decrease with age, so supplementation with L-theanine may be an important factor in helping to maintain them.

Several human studies have shown L-theanine to have positive effects on relaxation and mood support. The research also indicates that it promotes relaxation without causing drowsiness. In addition, L-theanine diminishes normal symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS).