RenewLife Ultimate Flora Adult 50+ Probiotic 30 Billion

30 vegetarian capsules

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Ultimate Flora Adult 50+ is a daily maintenance probiotic for adults 50 and older. each enteric-coated capsule contains 30 billion active probiotic cultures. The difference with Ultimate Flora Adult 50+ 30 Billion is the high amount of Bifidobacteria, plus the 10 carefully chose bacterial strains and the enteric coating.
  • The large intestine contains the most bacteria in the body. Bifidobacteria is the most prevalent type of good bacteria in the healthy large intestine. Studies show that the number of Bifiobacteria declines around age 50.
  • Ultimate Flora Adult 50+ helps to maintain the youthful, healthy balance of Bifidobaceria by providing 18 billion Bifidobacteria in each capsule. In addition, 12 billion Lactobacilli and Lactococcus cultures are provided to support the health of the small intestine.
  • The 10 strains in Ultimate Flora Adult 50+ were chosen for their prevalence in the healthy digestive tract, as well as their proven health-promotin benefits.
  • Each vegetable capsule is enteric-coated to ensure the delivery of the probiotics to the intestines.