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Rainbow Light Vibrance Trimester 1 Prenatal Multivitamin

60 capsules

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  • Provides an absorbable form of folate to support babies’ neural tube health.
  • Helps ease moms’ occasional nausea with a unique ginger extract.
  • Promotes energy in moms with customized levels of B vitamins.
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegetarian & Gluten-free

Customized Nutrition to Begin Your Healthy Pregnancy

Rainbow Light® Vibrance Trimester 1 Prenatal Multivitamin provides customized nourishment during your first trimester of pregnancy. Formulated with clinically-researched ingredients in potencies that are designed to support vibrant health, plus a Rainbow Blend of organic fruits and vegetables, this advanced multivitamin helps to ensure you get the right nutrition during the first 90 days of pregnancy.*

To help you fight fatigue, and enjoy steady energy levels, the formula includes B vitamins as well as a unique ginger extract to help ease "morning sickness" nausea occasionally experienced during this phase of pregnancy. And, Trimester 1 Prenatal Multivitamin delivers an absorbable form of folate, in the recommended amount for Moms-to-be, plus choline to help support babies' neural tube health*

Gentle, Easy-to-Digest Formula

Some brands of multivitamins can be difficult for the body to digest, resulting in stomach upset. Trimester 1 Prenatal Multivitamin is specially formulated to be gentle on the stomach and digestive system. To support the body's natural digestive balance, the formula includes prebiotics, plant-source enzymes and 100 million CFU of probiotics.*