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  • Maximum Purity 95% Ecdysterone
  • (compare to competitors at only 90%)
  • Get More Lean Muscle Gains†
  • Complexed with Hydroxypropyl- Beta-Cyclodextrin for enhanced bioavailability
  • 120 capsules (30 servings)
  • Certificate of analysis available

Breakthrough plateaus and hit new PRs safely and naturally without ugly side effects. Ecdysterone extract promotes muscle-building effects that are a result of its estrogen receptor binding to potentially increase protein synthesis in skeletal muscles.

The 95% Ecdysterone extract with hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin complex used in our formula is the highest bioavailable form of the compound in the world. Know you are receiving the highest grade Ecdysterone supplement possible with our maximum purity 95% extract with 3rd-party certificate of analysis below available for review.

Ecdysterone Benefits

Research suggests its ability to promote muscle-building activity in skeletal muscle, as well as increase cell proliferation and growth, which can lead to an increase in muscle mass.

Ecdysterone belongs to a family of compounds known as ecdysteroids that are found in plants, arthropods, and certain fungi that regulate molting (the skin-shedding metamorphosis in crabs, centipedes, scorpions, etc). For something that serves as an arthropod molting hormone necessary for the demanding processes of metamorphosis and with structural similarities to human muscle-building hormones, it's easy to see why Ecdysterone is of great interest to sports scientists, strength athletes, and bodybuilders. In humans, Ecdysterone is believed to lead to an increase in muscle mass by enhancing the muscles’ leucine intake and optimizing the mRNA translation process for increased protein synthesis.