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Michaels Naturopathic Programs Quick Immune Response

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  • Provides essential nutrients to promote body's natural defenses--immune function and response
  • Contains OptiZinc® with Echinacea

As the name implies, this formula is designed to provide immediate immune system support. A simple, but powerful combination of only seven components in very meaningful amounts:

Vitamin A, (beta carotene), along with Vitamin C, and Zinc - fundamental nutrients for different aspects of the immune system, such as:

•the production of antibodies 
•tissue growth  
•enzyme activity

Pantothenic Acid supports adrenal glands and helps in the conversion of beta carotene to Vitamin A.
Garlic – traditional herb
Echinacea for its support of white blood cell production and in immune system modulation.

Michael created this formula for his children when they were little.