MegaFood Daily Multi Powder for Women Over 55

60 servings

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Supports optimal health and wellbeing*

All the multivitamin nutrition you need from in an easy-to-take powder form! And—it was formulated with women 55 and older in mind. That means no iron (not recommended at this life stage), and lots of potent FoodState® B vitamins to protect your nervous system and healthy energy production.* There are 40 mcg of vitamin D to support your already healthy bones*, and we also added organic turmeric root for added nourishment.* It’s a daily dose of optimal health and well-being for a powerful, busy woman, like you.*


  • 40 mcg of vitamin D supports an already healthy mood and bones*
  • FoodState B vitamins support healthy energy production and nervous system health*
  • Methylated folate and B12 are suitable for those with MTHFR gene mutation and compromised methylation*
  • Includes organic turmeric root for nourishment*
  • Iron-free
  • Calcium- and magnesium-free formulation (Calcium is recommended to be taken at least two hours apart from a daily vitamin.)


This MegaFood product is made with real food, wholesome nutritional yeast, added nutrients and carefully selected herbs. Each vitamin or mineral is paired with an ideal whole food using our unique process to deliver guaranteed potency and the benefit of health-promoting compounds present in the whole food itself.