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Rejuvenate the male body! Increase desire, improve disposition, and feel stronger. VITAL Male Sexual Energy restores vitality. This thoroughly modern "two sprays, three times a day" sublingual treatment condenses centuries of holistic science that treats low male sexual energy safely and naturally! Better sex in a spray? Yes — if more desire, more strength and a better mood is what's wanted.
Temporarily relieves these symptoms of low male sexual energy:
  • decrease in sexual desire
  • decrease in performance and enjoyment
  • feelings of fatigue

Vitàl Male Sexual Energy Active Ingredients

  • Arnica 3X
  • Caladium seguinum 6X
  • Carduus mar 3X
  • Damiana 1X
  • Galium 3X
  • Glandula suprarenalis suis 12X
  • Hepar suis 6X
  • Korean ginseng 1X
  • Lactuca 3X
  • Nuphar 2X
  • Orchitinum suis 6X
  • Phosphoricum ac 200C
  • Populus trem 1X
  • Thuja occ 200C
  • Thyroidinum suis 12X

Inactive Ingredients

  • Organic alcohol 20% v/v
  • Purified water