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Liddell Laboratories Letting Go - Anxiety + Tension (Anx)

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Emotional Health
Formulated by an internationally famous homeopathic physician, Letting go remedies help us let go of the oppressive feeling that trouble all of us from time to time. They do not sedate or stimulate the central nervous system, or suppress emotions or moods. They enable the bodymind to achieve the natural state of balance that is the basis of emotional wellness.

With no narcotic or other habit-forming drugs, no synthetic medicines of any kind, the Letting go remedies are composed of all-natural ingredients. They have no known side effects and provide safe, effective relief for people experiencing Anxiety & Tension, The Blues, Frustration, Grief, or when Feeling Overwhelmed,

Temporarily relieves symptoms of anxiety and tension, such as:
  • Nerves on edge
  • Sleeplessness
  • Stress
  • Apprehension & worry
  • Fear & phobias

Anx Anxiety + Tension Active Ingredients

  • Agnus 6X
  • Avena 1X
  • Cinchona 6X
  • Humulus 2X
  • Hyoscyamus 200C
  • Ignatia 200C
  • Passiflora 3X
  • Valeriana 3X

Inactive Ingredients

  • Organic alcohol 20% v/v
  • Purified water