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  • Formulated with Magnesium L-Threonate That Has Been Shown to Readily Cross the Blood-Brain Barrier and Support Brain Health, Memory and Function In Healthy Adults*
  • 1 g of Magtein® Per Serving
  • Magtein® is a form of magnesium shown to effectively enter the brain in preclinical studies.* It has been shown to support aspects of cognition such as increased alertness and supports a positive mood.*
  • Includes 300 mg of enXtra, a caffeine-free energy dietary ingredient that supports mental energy.*
  • Vegan and Non-GMO

Jarrow Formulas® MagMind® Productivity supports improved focus and attention so you can feel productive even on your toughest days.* Combining clinically studied enXtra®, which starts working within 1 hour and sustains mental stamina for up to 5 hours, and clinically studied Magtein® to improve next-day productivity.*