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Irwin Naturals 10-DAY Acai Berry Super-Cleanse (EXP MAY/2024 -- FINAL SALE / NO RETURNS)

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10-Day Acai Berry Super Cleanse is a comprehensive cleansing & liver support formula designed to stimulate and support the body's chief elimination pathways via the liver and GI tract. This formula includes 3 distinct actions:

Colon Flush Stimulation The powerful combination of Cascara Sagrada and Triphala stimulates the body to help eliminate pounds of backed up matter clogging your GI tract while also supporting regularity and optimized bowel function.

Comprehensive Liver Detox Support

Milk Thistle in combination with Artichoke Leaf Extract support liver function and stimulate detoxification pathways for optimized clearance of toxins that accumulate in the body.

Protective Antioxidants

Concentrated Acai Berry Extract and Triphala Extract supply powerful protective compounds that combat destructive free radicals that arise from increased detoxification activity.

This product is designed to be used for periodic cleansing-an important component to a healthy lifestyle. Use as directed for optimal results.