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Inhale Health Caffeine Inhaler - Sunburst Orange

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Breathe what moves you™

Breathe what moves you with our new and improved Caffeine inhaler. Our latest evolution of inhalation technology allows up to 400 breaths with improved airflow and battery life. Crush your morning routine and enjoy the convenience of energy in your pocket.

You must be 18+ years of age to purchase.

  • Near-maximum Caffeine bioavailability through inhalation
  • Faster absorption than food, pills, or beverages
  • Vegan-friendly source of Caffeine
  • Zero nicotine, tobacco, propylene glycol or Vitamin E acetate
  • Sourced in the USA with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients
  • 1.3ml formula capacity, 280mAH disposable battery

Made with Safe Ingredients

Our formula is composed of pharmaceutical-grade Caffeine and infused with an organic base of USP-grade vegetable glycerin.

Our products DO NOT contain the following harmful ingredients:

  • Vitamin E Acetate - Known to cause lipoid pnuemonia
  • Propylene Glycol - Chronic exposure irritates pulmonary pathways
  • Diacetyl - Known to cause "popcorn lung"
  • Nicotine - Addictive substance in e-cigarettes

The Science

The chromatogram (see photos) illustrates the successful transition of our liquid nutrient formula to aerosol.