Himalaya ComfortCleanse

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Ayurvedic science wrote that all things in balance were cyclical in nature: day to night, winter to summer, wakefulness to sleep. It also described a pattern of elimination that is an indicator of balance and wellness. When the cycle occasionally becomes irregular the goal is not to force a pattern but to restore internal balance.

Ginger and Licorice are among the most restorative herbs Ayurveda suggests. Both are found in ComfortCleanseTM and have been used for millennia to promote wellness from stomach to colon by promoting the immune system’s protective barrier and encouraging regular elimination.*

  • Non-GMO Project verified with Ginger, Chicory, Licorice and other natural ingredients

  • Gives you reliable, consistent and gentle bowel movements with no Senna or Cascara

  • Supports your bile production and the natural alkaline environment in your intestines

  • Provides gentle, non-habit-forming and non-irritating digestive support

  • Gluten Free. Free from Corn, Wheat, Soy and Dairy