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Precise electrolyte replenishment

  • Prevents muscle cramps
  • Maintains electrolyte balance
  • Fast-acting relief

Meet your precise electrolyte needs with our original full-spectrum formula. A balanced blend of sodium chloride, potassium, calcium and magnesium ensure proper function of all body systems. The low sodium chloride content complements a healthy, low-salt diet. Fine-tune your dosage as needed, capsule by capsule, without fear of overconsumption of salt.



Full-Spectrum Electrolyte Profile – This complete profile contains the following minerals:
Sodium – Sourced from salt, which is comprised of 40% sodium.
Chloride – Sourced from salt, which is comprised of 60% chloride.
Calcium – Supplied in the “as chelate” form, meaning it’s calcium bonded to one or more amino acids, usually glycinate (glycine) or asparate (aspartic acid).
Magnesium – Included in the “as chelate” form, it is magnesium bonded to one or more amino acids. These forms are used for maximal absorbability.
Potassium – Included in the “as chelate” form, it is potassium bonded to one or more amino acids. These forms are used for maximal absorbability.
Manganese – This trace mineral is necessary for optimal muscle cell enzyme reactions and for the conversion of fatty acids and protein into energy.
Ginger Root –A natural anti-inflammatory and digestive aid.

Suggested Use

Use prior to, during, and after workouts to satisfy the body's electrolyte requirements with maximum precision.

Use as needed but primarily when:
Exercise lasts for more than two hours, regardless of temperature or humidity.
Exercise lasts less than two hours and:
Temperature is above 80 degrees and/or 70% humidity or
Temperature and humidity is ten degrees or more above what you are accustomed to.

Capsule Usage Instructions
As a starting point, we recommend a dose of 1 capsule per 50-60 pounds of body weight. Take one dose 30-60 minutes prior to exercise, each hour during exercise, and one dose immediately following exercise.

Many variables - body weight, fitness level, weather conditions, acclimatization level, and physiological predisposition - affect individual electrolyte requirements, so you must do your own trials with Endurolytes dosing, under a variety of conditions, to determine what your individual needs are.
Endurolytes DOES NOT prevent heat stroke, hyponatremia, or any other dangerous physical condition resulting from overexertion in the heat.
The amount of salt (sodium chloride) you habitually consume in your daily diet largely determines the amount of salt, you will need to consume during exercise and races. If you consume a high-salt diet, you will either need to increase your hourly dose of Endurolytes or use Endurolytes Extreme.

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Patricia P.
United States United States


I love this product for hot, humid , lengthy summer riding! I use them all the time!

Julian M.
United States United States

Works everytime

Great,,,electrolytes are balanced.

danielle H.
United States United States

Endurolytes rock!

This product keeps me hydrated for workouts and hangovers!! Been using it for years!

Jake K.
United States United States

First order

My order arrived on time as advertised and cost less than other sites.

Leigh M.
United States United States

great product

Fast service. Great produce. Good price.