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Omega 3 Mood® is scientifically formulated to support emotional health, brain health and mood. This is the highest EPA formula product that Country Life offers. Two softgels contain 2,000 mg of fish oil concentrate and 1,000 mg of EPA. The EPA comes from fish oil, derived from anchovy, sardine, mackerel, herring, salmon, and tuna. It has been processed using molecular distillation to ensure its purity and contains no trans fatty acids. Country Life's Omega 3 Mood® is made according to high quality and exacting standards.Each softgel is natural lemon flavored — no fishy taste.

Research with Omega-3 fatty acids supplementation has shown promise in many areas. When fatty acids such as EPA are present in the body, it becomes a precursor for hormonelike agents known as eicosanoids. These help regulate fundamental processes such as cell division and growth, blood clotting, muscle activity, secretion of digestive juices and hormones, and movement of substances like calcium into and out of cells.