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Country Life Maxi-Skin Rescue

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Maxi-Skin® Rescue is the CC of supplements with clinically tested SkinAx2™ shown to support skin coloring, improve radiance and help reduce imperfections in 8 weeks.†** The solution for your skin complexion concerns.

Fruit-based beauty for even skin tone.†**

Maxi-Skin® Rescue extracts the best from nature.
Researchers learned from French farmers that a specific variety of cantaloupe melon had a particularly long life compared to other melons. They extracted and concentrated this melon ingredient via a green and natural patented process. This ingredient includes superoxide dismutase (SOD), an antioxidant enzyme, and naturally occurring CoQ10, glutathione and carotenoids.†**

This product also includes 3 additional ingredients that possess antioxidant properties:**

French Grape Seed Extract  
Flavanol Monomers are polyphenols that help protect the skin from oxidative stress.**

Zinc citrate
Skin has the third highest abundance of zinc in the body of all tissues and is required for skin cell renewal.**

Vitamin C
Supports protection of dermal cells and helps maintain skin cell integrity.**