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NATABOLIC is one of the strongest natural anabolic and testosterone-boosting products on the market. Loaded with 9 extremely potent and unique ingredients, NATABOLIC is designed to help elevate you to an extreme anabolic state to build muscle, burn fat and control estrogen.

The guerrilla chemist has spent countless hours formulating the perfect blend of ingredients to help increase natural testosterone production as well as regulate estrogen to optimize your hormones so you can make progress at a pace you have never experienced. Our super potent anabolic matrix is the answer to improving strength, explosive power, enhanced energy, amazing endurance, and a great way to keep estrogen regulated to mitigate negative side effects and regulate unwanted water retention.

Our new anabolic formulation Natabolic contains natural phytoandrogens to help build muscle faster and easier than ever before. Natabolic contains premium ingredients like Byroviron®, KSM-66®, laxogenin, boron, and arimistane that not only aid in boosting testosterone but also help regulate estrogen to give you a harder and drier look overall.