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Chemix Essential Amino Acids are an ultra-premium amino acids formula designed to improve endurance, enhance recovery, reduce muscle soreness, and hydrate your muscles like never before.

The advanced formula combines research-backed ingredients at clinical and efficacious doses with potent essential amino acids to give you the perfect workout and aid your recovery so you are not only making progress but keeping it!

Chemix EAA+ includes clinical doses of all 9 EAA and was formulated to help maximize muscle protein synthesis by supplying your muscles with the necessary amino acids to help build new muscle tissue and induce hyperaminoacidemia. On top of that, a mushroom blend was added to help boost your immune system and fight inflammation and free radical damage to enhance recovery. This product can be taken at any time during the day, with greatest results when taken around workout times. Data shows that taking EAA preworkout can help prevent amino acid oxidation during exercise, and ingesting post workout can greatly increase protein synthesis.