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Bluebonnet Nutrition Super Earth Brewer's Yeast Powder

1 lb (450 g)

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Bluebonnet's Premium Debittered Brewer's Yeast Powder is produced from beet molasses. Beets contain a wide array of nutrients. Beets are known to absorb so many minerals, metals and trace elements out of the soil that they can only be grown in one field for two years, without depleting the soil. Beet-derived brewer's yeast also has higher protein content and less carbohydrate content than its grain counterpart. Plus, this non-GMO beet-derived brewer's yeast tends to be less bitter tasting than grain-derived brewer's yeast. Grain-derived brewer's yeast recovered from the beer-brewing process tends to be particularly bitter in taste, due to the nature of the grains used, such as barley and hops.