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New look, new flavor, and now gluten-free!

Greens+ v2 is a naturally flavored, sweetened, and colored superfood greens powder that contains nine different vegetables, including kale, spinach, spirulina, alfalfa, barely grass, chlorella, parsley leaf, beetroot, and broccoli.

We removed wheatgrass to make this version gluten-free and increased the dose of the other greens so you're still getting 8 grams per serving! Greens+ v2 also features digestive enzymes, probiotics, coconut water powder, and ashwagandha for additional health benefits!

Axe & Sledge Greens+ v2 is the only greens powder fit for the hardest workers in the gym! Every serving is packed with 8 grams of a full-spectrum greens blend, 5 billion CFUs of probiotics, digestive enzymes, coconut water powder, and ashwagandha.

Greens+ v2 was formulated to increase natural energy levels, support gut health, promote hydration, manage stress levels, and provide your body with the nutrients it needs to perform and thrive. Not to mention, Greens+. V2 is naturally flavored, sweetened, and doesn’t taste like grass. With four patented ingredients, several refreshing flavors, and excellent mixability, Greens+ v2 is the superfood supplement that you’ve been waiting for.

Since it's becoming more and more difficult to obtain the nutrients you need from your diet, it's a good idea to supplement with a superfood powder. Not all greens powders are the same and most are under-dosed and overpriced. Add Greens+ v2 to your daily regimen to experience the difference!