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60 capsules

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TRI-AD MASS is an advanced mass building pro hormone that utilizes TetraSorb Delivery™: a state-of- the-art supplement delivery system designed to maximize absorption!  One of the long time issues with Andro based pro-hormones have been their ability to pass the first pass of the liver. TetraSorb Delivery™ has fixed the issue absorption and made Alchemy Labs pro hormones stand our among the rest.*

TRI-AD MASS has seven legal pro-hormones to accelerate muscle growth and increase strength. Including our patented 3-AD™ (3-ANDRO) which is known to be 3x stronger than Androsterone. TRI-AD MASS pushes the envelope to what is possible from legal pro hormones! Compared to the school pro hormones and SARMS, TRI-AD MASS has shown they do not come close to its ability to produce results.*

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