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Alchemy Labs Shredded3

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Shredded3 was formulated & designed to build lean muscle mass, increase muscle hardness, and shoot strength levels through the roof. 

Considered to be one of the strongest legal pro-hormones on the market today, Shredded3 uses our Rocket Delivery system to bypass stomach acids and allow for maximum absorption, which combats the common absorption issues with normal Andro based pro hormones.*

What's this mean for you?

This means that whenever you try Shredded3, you will immediately notice a "Alpha Male" feeling in the gym leaving you in a constant state of overdrive, strength and on the right path for building lean dense muscle mass!


  • EXTREME Strength Gains*
  • EXTREME Muscle Hardening*
  • EXTREME Vascularity*
  • Powerful Libido & Sex Drive*
  • 0 Water Retention*
  • Non-Liver Toxic*

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