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We’ve all had those days where we are dragging and nothing is better to get us out of that funk then a powerful pick me up.

5% Core Energy is a strong well balanced stimulant that will give you a quick burst of sustainable energy without the crash. This product starts off with 175mg of Infinergy and 25mg of TeaCrine to give you a quick burst of energy. This is followed up with 100mg of Theobromine to provide a longer lasting, smooth stimulant effect. 

To keep all these stims in check we added 50mg of L-Theanine and 10mg of Ptersotilbene. All of these ingredients combined provides you with powerful energy supplement that will last for hours without jitters or crash. 

In each 2-cap serving will provide 250mg of caffeine. With each capsule providing 125mg of caffeine you have the flexibility to adjust your dosage to your desired level.

  • SUPERIOR FORMULATION: No other energy product on the market offers the synergy of elite stimulants, powerful antioxidants, and highly bioavailable plant extracts. With 250 mg of caffeine per serving (125 mg per capsule), it's easy to customize your dosage.
  • HARDCORE ENERGY, NO CRASH: Infinergy Caffeine works with L-theanine to provide smooth, clean, long lasting energy and attention without the side effects, and has the benefit of assisting with cellular energy production.