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90 tablets

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  • Whole Food Concentrates
  • Multivitamin Formula

    With a demanding workload and a plate full of responsibilities, don't let occasional stress and fatigue slow you down. Lack of sleep, poor eating habits even emotional strain... can impact your natural energy level.* More Than A Multiple with Energy Essentials brings you many of the high-performing nutrients you need to support energy metabolism and help boost your natural energy level. This includes a complex of B vitamins, which are vital for the metabolism of carbohydrates, fat and proteins-energy sources that "naturally fuel" our bodies.* Since each B vitamin contributes an important benefit in maintaining proper metabolic health, taking them together delivers a powerful synergistic advantage. More Than A Multiple with Energy Essentials also brings you a dual-action energizing herbal complex, which helps enhance both mental acuity and physical vitality...when you need it most.*

    Experience the difference yourself with More Than A Multiple with Energy Essentials, the multi-level performance of an energy-rich, whole food concentrate multivitamin...with your energy in mind.*