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The ANABOLIC SHRED STACK was formed for guys who are wanting to crush their goals, transform their physique, and hit new PR's during their Shred! 🔥

We made this stack a very synergistic combination with SHREDDED3, LAXOGENESIS, and INFLAME to push the dial of what is possible during a cutting phase!

SHREDDED3 is the base of this stack that will help ramp up t-levels, boost strength, and has ingredients like Grains of Paradise and T2 to help active metabolism & boost your body's progression for weight loss.*

LAXOGENESIS follows right behind and helps your body utilize protein better, recover faster, and build muscle. All while helping amplify the effects of SHREDDED3.

INFLAME is the cherry on top, because of the ARA (Arachodonic Acid) which is studies to help break down muscle faster during training, and activate muscle building signals to the body to start the repair process.*