MyoBlox LOCO Rainbow Haze (Limited Edition)

13.47 oz (382 g)

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A colorful spectrum of performance optimizers, MyoBlox® creates the most Ultra-Premium Loco yet –Rainbow Haze™. A top shelf 15+ gram full dose pre-workout super powder formulated in efficacious amounts of each ingredient for true effectiveness.

Rainbow Haze™ brings back efficacy back to the industry with high quality ingredients in their most effective and respected amounts. 4g Betaine Anhydrous, 4g L-Citrulline, 3g Taurine and 2g GlycerPump™ have been added into this creation to support muscle contractions for an effective rep to rep pump fullness. Utilizing two important co-factors in their most superior forms, top shelf nootropics, anti-oxidants, neurotransmitter synthesizers, and the very best psychoactive compounds to grant an off-the-wall energy and laser focus for the best fkn workout of your life! 

Rainbow Haze™ is a fun and powerful fusion from limited editions we have created in the past year. Delivering what the pre-workout genres lack, Rainbow Haze™ is a formula dosed according to each ingredient and the effective amount it took to make it actually effective. – It is that simple. Enhance focus, explosive endurance, muscle fullness and smooth energy without the crash with Rainbow Haze™.

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