Myoblox Elite Shred Stack

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Product ID 10090-9799-10200

The perfect stack for men seeking to maximize lean muscle, strength gains while accelerating metabolism/fat loss in the shortest amount of time. 

Suggested Use:

TETRA: Take one – two capsules (1-2) preferably before your workout or cardio session

RUBIX: Take one - two scoops (1-2) preferably before a workout or cardio session.

CONTRA: Take two (2) capsules with breakfast.

NOTE: TETRA and RUBIX are stackable (as TETRA contains energy analogs and RUBIX does not), however do not use TETRA at the same time you take a pre-workout powder as these both contain caffeine / stimulants and is not recommended.

Use responsibly and shred fast!

works on multiple facets of fat loss to aid in improved metabolism and fat utilization, without utilizing caffeine or any other stimulant.† You may also stack it with TETRA® if desired!