Himalaya Boswellia

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The ancient texts of Ayurveda spoke of this tree as one that could promote flexibility, support muscle relaxation and aid joint integrity to promote range of motion.*

The active ingredient, a crystalized resin, is produced from the expressed bark of Indian Frankincense tree. It is sustainably harvested only once a year to keep from harming the tree which can otherwise live for many years, surviving drought and inclement weather.

  • Himalaya Boswellia is your natural alternative for joint flexibility and range of motion

  • Boswellia supports your body’s normal production of joint fluids

  • Boswellia provides you with relief from the kind of inflammation caused when you work out too hard

  • Vegetarian and Vegan, free-from allergens like Wheat, Dairy, Soy and Gluten

  • CGMP and magnesium stearate-free, with no synthetic additives