NOW Clinical Strength Ocu Support

90 caps

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NOW Clinical Strength Ocu Support was formulated to provide superior eye support by delivering the most vital nutrients necessary to protect against damaging oxidation. This unique, perfectly balanced and comprehensive blend of ocular-nourishing vitamins, minerals, herbs and antioxidants offers superior protection to the delicate tissues of the eyes, including the lens and macula. Clinical strength lutein (a powerful yellow plant pigment) has been added to our formula, and serves as an internal blue-blocker for the eyes. Extensive research has indicated that lutein, a nutrient helpful in preventing damage specifically from the blue light wavelength, may be effective in promoting long-term clear vision and overall eye health, including the macula region of the retina, where light impact is concentrated. Compare our superior product to OcuGuard Plus and other premium eye health supplements and you'll understand why NOW Clinical Strength Eye Support is the runaway leader in quality and value.